8mm Home Videos:

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In the early 1950's I purchased a 8mm movie camera.  Although I took my 35 mm camera with me to work more frequently, on occasion I would take the movie camera.  The following clips are what have been located and converted to digital format.   In looking back 50+ years they now are treasure worth sharing to an audience that may never have seen, nor ever will see, these grand old steam locomotives at work here in Canada.


CNR 1328 & 3573

This first section was taken on a freight trip from Winnipeg to Belmont. At the beginning I got the fireman to take my picture coming in over the front of the Engine (1328) when we were going full speed down the track about 35 or 40 m.p.h. As we came into the town of Carman we slowed right down for the main crossings and it was slow enough for me to get off the engine and run ahead of it to get a picture of it passing the Carman station where there was a yellow order board for us. Leaving Carman and headingwest, I wanted to get some pictures of the engine going around the curves and up the hill to Roseisle (which used to be a very popular ski resort).

It was here a young conductor by the name of Terry MacSpadden got knocked off the top of a box car by a tree branch and killed one night while switching out the back track). So leaving Carman I climbed up on top of a box car about four cars behind the engine and held on for dear life while trying to take 8mm pictures at the same time. It was a very rough ride and I had to ride the top of the box car all the way over to the next stop which was Somerset. Just west of Graysville and half way up the hill there is a 2 story brick building which shows in the pictures and was the site of a brick plant at one time.

The next section of this clip shows tail-end brakeman Frank Colpitts at the back of the caboose. Another shot shown at Greenway showing our conductor for that trip. Eddie Gillen. 

Another shot shows a couple of diesels coming off the shop track at Brandon. We were kicking our caboose into clear and it didn't look like it was going fast enough to get it into clear so brakeman was pushing on the caboose to try and make it go into clear. Then there is a picture of me climbing into the cab of the 3573 at Brandon getting ready to head east again back to Winnipeg. As we left Brandon I climbed up onto the tender and took a shot looking over the top of the 3573.

Length: 4:05




CNR 3545

Length: 1:32




CNR 1347

Switching one day somewhere in Western Manitoba and taking on water.

Length: 1:17



CNR 6058

Length: 0:40





Wreck of the 2503

This clip was taken the day after our accident at Carmen Junction on the western edge of Winnipeg.  The entire engine crew (Engineer Alister McGregor, Brakeman Allan Peden, and Fireman Robert Kellock) jumped from the 2503 prior to impact.  Robert Kellock was seriously injured and died from injuries sustained when he landed.  I returned to the scene and took the following video.  Good friend and fellow railroader Lyle Corbet is seen briefly along with my wife Irene.

Length: 4:00


CNR 3559

Length: 0:22


Fort Frances Ontario CNR Station

Taken at the CNR Station in Fort Frances Ontario. Myself wearing my Conductors uniform.

Length: 0:07



Grand Beach Manitoba

The beach trains were a popular way to travel out to Manitoba beach.  This short clip was taken at the Grand Beach station and gives a sense of how popular the trains were.

Length: 0:15




CNR Steam Engines waiting to be scrapped

Many beautiful engines that provided yeoman service sitting on a siding destined to be scrapped.

Length: 0:31




CNR 6524

Length: 0:27




CNR 6060


CNR 2144


CNR 6052 and Last Trip of the CNR 6043


William Peden's Last Trip

This clip is of my Dad's last trip on the railway - 42 years of service in the Railway Mail service.  One of many Peden's to work on the railway in Canada...including William Peden (my Dad); Bill Peden (my brother); myself for 10 years; Jock Peden in the 30's and 40's in Portage la Prairie (my Unlce); Fred Peden (my Uncle); and my nephew Lee Peden.