More Photos:


Engine 6079 pulling a passenger train somewhere in Ontario. This photo was copied from a calendar but it’s the same engine on which I had my picture taken standing on the pilot back on page 114. We were going to Dauphin with the 6079 that trip.



Engine 4092 tying the caboose onto our train in the F Yard at Ft. Rouge. Temp. was about -30 F, winter 1956



Engineman Bruce Pearce, a great little ‘hoghead’ and all around nice guy to work with. But it didn’t take much to get Bruce agitated and when he did, his favorite expression was "Jesus Pelican Christ," shouted at the top of his lungs. Naturally, Bruce got the nickname, Jesus Pelican Christ. .Prior to a trip to Brandon in the early ‘50’s, in one of the first road diesels the C.N. acquired, a 9000 class, Bruce sits in the B Yard waiting for an air test and the orders.



Engineman Charlie Smith, waiting for the conductor to bring the running orders and to compare watches.



Engine 2156 sits in the siding at Morris, Manitoba, with orders to pick up the snowplow and spreader that are sitting in the backtrack. We then carried on to Emerson, plowing the mainline and spreading backtracks. Winter 1955



Engine 2156 with plow on the nose and spreader and bunk car behind. Heading for Emerson. Winter 1955.




Engine 3305 at First Street, Brandon. Getting ready to head back to Fort Rouge. Summer 1953.



Fireman Kalanuk on engine 3305 on the homeward trip to Fort Rouge, summer 1953



Left Photo: Fireman Tomchuk,, Morris. Winter ‘55. Right Photo Tail-end brakeman Al Peden at Morris. Winter 1955



Left Photo: Tail-end brakeman, Johnny Ryan, clowning around on Engine 3526 at Brandon,. 1957. Right Photo: Brakeman Bill Maxwell on station platform at Amaranth, fall 1958



Left Photo: Jimmy Squibb was tail-end brakeman on an extra to Emerson when this shot was taken. Summer 1953. Right Photo: L/R: Fireman Riley and Engineman Billy McGuiness, a real great guy to work with. Emerson, summer 1953



Right Photo: Conductor Alex Dickson at Brandon, Summer 1958 Alex was our conductor the night we had the wreck at Carman Junction, Oct. 18th, 1956. Right Photo: Conductor Sammy Mareese in the F Yard at Ft. Rouge, prior to a trip to Brandon on engine 9118. Winter 1954.



Left Photo: L/R: Fireman Sherbo and Engineman Rogers on a return trip from Dauphin. Right Photo: Conductor Joe Tymchysn in the caboose at Dauphin.



Conductor Joe Tymchysn outside the caboose at Gladstone, engine 6067 in the background. Joe was a great guy to work with. I caught quite a few tail-end trips with Joe; Wally Parson’s was head-end this trip. Winter 1957



Left Photo: Conductor Lionel Clifford, Brandon, Summer 1954. Right Photo: Conductor Hughie MacDonald, at Rainy River, 1958.


Left Photo: L/R: Conductor Harry Needham and Fireman Peter Perrick. B Yard, Fort Rouge, Spring, 1953. Right Photo: L/R: Tail-end brakeman Kenny Johnson & Conductor George Henderson, Fort Rouge, Summer 1957.


Above: Engineman Bill Hall stands in the doorway of engine 6075 on October 16, 1958 , at Dauphin. The fireman on this trip was E. Saunders. Bill died in March of 1972 and his obituary is shown above. Bill was one of the finest enginemen I ever had the pleasure and good fortune of working with. My only regret is that I didn't know he was in the hospital; I would love to have paid him a visit. ABP, March 26, 1999.


Two former C.N. trainmen talk over old times.. Jack Kent (left) paid me a visit in 1965. I was showing Jack that I still knew how to give a ‘High Ball’ with my lantern. Jack now resides in Portland.