Bagpipes & Pipe Bands. Information about the three pipe bands I have been involved with over the past 30+ years: the RCMP "E Division" Pipe Band,  the Vancouver Police Pipe Band and the Stirling Pipe Band of Pine Falls, Manitoba - including photos and a collection of materials that comprise unofficial band histories.  In addition there are some  photos of people I have met, places I have been, and things I have done in the pipe band world.

Pedal Planes: Photos of the construction of two pedal planes I made for the boys.  First was a P-51 Mustang for Allister...check out the final result and the Christmas unveiling.  This was followed by a second pedal plane - a Tiger Moth for William. 


Early Days in Scotland & Canada - Recollections of my Grandfather -  William Peden - including his training and preparation for World War I with the 8th Battalion Royal Winnipeg Rifles, his Arrival in France in which he describes the First Battle Battle of Ypres where he survived the first German gas attack of the war, and a Post War Retrospective . As well,  recollections and many humorous stories of life and times in Scotland in the late 1890's and in Canada at the turn of the century. The Blind School Master, A New Suit and a Lucky Tree, Hanging The Dookut and The Sunday School Jaunt are fanciful recollections of boyhood in Scotland. Included are short biographies of both his grandfathers David Peden, and William Coburn. Wee Tom was the youngest of the family who passed away in infancy and my Grandfather's visit to his grave some 50 years after. The following article was written by my uncle, Murray Peden, for Remembrance Day 2005.

Last Days of Steam - The humorous stories of my father - Allan Peden -  working for Canadian National Railways from 1951 to 1960 - recounted in  The Last Days of Steam - an era when steam powered locomotives were at their height and then abandoned as they were replaced by diesel engines.   As part of the Pine Falls 75th Anniversary (Celebration 2002), my Dad has put together an online photo album of pictures he has taken during the time he worked at the Abitibi-Price mill in Pine Falls. 


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